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The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) conducted a series of collaborative community workshops in May 2013 (view summary)to initiate a regional dialogue about future growth and how we should prioritize future transportation improvements.  Another round of workshops was held in July 2013 (view summary) to continue the planning process and explore initial scenarios based on feedback from the May workshops and stakeholders.

AMBAG will consolidate comments received at the various workshops and prepare two hybrid scenarios with the most desirable and best performing components of the initial 5 scenarios. The hybrid scenarios were presented to the AMBAG Board of Directors, along with the comments received throughout the previous workshops. AMBAG then prepared the Draft 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP/SCS) and solicited feedback on the Draft Plan in early 2014 with a third round of workshops and public hearings (view summary). Following this, the Final 2305 MTP/SCS was prepared.

Initial Scenario Development (presented at the July 2013 workshops)

Land Use and Transportation Concepts for Scenarios (En Español)

Conceptual Illustrations for Scenarios

Scenario Scorecard


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